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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2007~*~12:00 am]

Hey everyone...I'm selling these everywhere...but no luck..maybe lj peeps will give me some love!

OK...its pretty simple..tell me if your interested..prices are set...sorry..but you have to be resonable..these mags..well most are almost and are 2 years old...you cant get them easily anymore. With them being almost 2 years old they do show some self wear only on the covers..the inside pixs are the GREATEST quality.

Ok...Prices. All in USD!
1 Mag is 10USD
2 mags in a set (Cawaii and Scawaii) 
2 mags not in a set
3 mags
4 mags
All Mags
1 mag 7USD
2 Mags
3 mags
4 Mags
All Mags
Overseas buyers add 1 dollar to each shipping becuase it costs more...also It might go up when I go to the post office..So just a forewarning.
Onto the mags

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(no subject) [Mar. 25th, 2007~*~09:58 pm]
Hey everyone.

Im so tired..and im so blah. IM watching Dirt right now. I freakin love this show HAHA.

Well I thought I would post so yous peoples can know im still alive!! HAHA barely but here..How are all my friends??? I MISTT EVERYONE!!..I really doo (crieds)

Well..im gonna do some random stuff on the net...JA NE
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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2007~*~11:42 pm]
HiHi Minna - san.... Genki Des Ka... 

Im doing pretty well. Work is ok..its bearable now than before. Im having troubles with money...my credit card is messing up..so yea O_O...

I wonder what is happening to all my friends..I have been missing talking to all of them...

Alot has happened since last post.. Japan is being moved till June..BUt I get to see Ai Otsuka in concert YAY! YAY!, My dad still doesnt talk to me...at all...so yea whatever..

Well im about to pass out...so tired..JA NE people!
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2007~*~01:33 am]
[How I Feel |exhaustedexhausted]
[Music |Headstrong - Ashley Tisdale]

Hello...Man I havent updated in a while..but Im alive!!

Whats been going on you say. Work...thats about it. I seriously hate my job. I want to transfer to somewhere else in the store...but yea...I dont think thats gonna happen. I hope I can.

Dude Valentines day is coming up...another one spent alone..grrr...it sucks seeing all these people buying stuff for their loved ones...

I still miss my sis. I was going to send her something for valentines day..but I ran out of money quick becuase im saving for Japan. (WHICH IS IN REACH) I have been having money troubles but those are all behind me. I have to get a loan but...I have enough time to pay that off before I move to SAn Antonio..^____________^. Im so excited..April isnt that far away!

Well im so tired..im about to go Pass out...Ill try to update more..I PROMISE..(to whoever reads this)
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(no subject) [Jan. 28th, 2007~*~11:19 pm]

Well im very sad. Today my sister left to live with my mom who lives 6 hours away. I lost my other half. Its so sad Ive got a feeling I will cry myself to sleep tonight. She left becuase of my dad..wont give details now...O_O..

Im so sad...Hopefully it will get better.

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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2007~*~10:57 pm]
[Music |Speed Star - Namie]

I was tagged by the evil evil Yasmina haha  

so yea..ive got to post 10 wierd/strange things no one knows about me

1.) I pretend ive got an audience when I dance in my room.
2.) I Brush my teeth in the shower.
3.) I argue loudly with my video games. 
4.) I do my nails/ Look at them constantly
5.) I run my credit card up badly haha. 
6.) I never wear clothes that make me look big..im constantly fixing them to make me look better..(worse than what most people do)
7.) I love emo guys..they are hott!
8.) Im very body concsious (sp?)
9.) I hate every (well most) stuff I make/create
10.) I Hate being tagged becuase I always go blank HAHA

Cant tag 10 people because I dont have 10 *cries*    
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2006~*~11:17 pm]
[Music |My Thoughts]

Hey Everyone,
      How was everyones Christmas. Was it grand. Mine was. I had a great Christmas time with family was really good. I hope everyone got to spend time with their family and had a jolly time.

     Work is a killer. IM trying to move to overnight associate. I doubt they will since im one of the best people they have..grr.  I hope you people have a better job than me haha. 

     My creativity is going away. No more songs..no more icons...no more anything. Im emotionally and physically drained. Im also very..*sigh*...hpe it gets better. 

     Well im trying to update alot..^___^ bear with me.
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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2006~*~09:50 pm]
[How I Feel |contentcontent]
[Music |Candle Light - Kuu]

Hey everyone. 

    How is everyone. Well my contact has ordered me two cherry girl phonestraps. I will be selling one on ebay WATCH FOR IT..around the 3 days after x-mas.

   Christmas is SOO CLOSE.  IM so happy I cant wait to see my mom..im so excited and cant wait to see my little sisters face when she gets her Kumi cd lol. she is gonna flip.

   Black Cherry is SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! I love it. Too many good releases lately. Im going broke.  I need to get BoAs new album becuase it comes with a reservation ticket for her 2007 tour and im so going to be in Japan when she is having it ^_________^.

  Well sleep calls. ..im thinking of doing something with my hair..but I dont know what...I need a change.
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(no subject) [Dec. 12th, 2006~*~01:56 pm]
[How I Feel |contentcontent]
[Music |Kiseki - Kuu]

Hey everyone. Its almost Christmas..can you feel it. Its swarming in the air. Waiting to drop on us. ^___^. This Christmas will be very special to me. I get to spen it with my mom. I havent dont that in over 2 years. So im excited.

I hope I get alot of money this year for christmas becuase I need it for when I go to Japan. But I keep buying Kuu tour goods. I need to stop haha..2 more orders then Im done. haha

Speaking of going to Japan. I will be picking up things. If you a lj friend and you would like me to get you something please let me know. Im going in April so yes it will be a long way away but just think of what stuff I can get haha. I already know somethings I will be getting.
names under cutCollapse )
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(no subject) [Dec. 8th, 2006~*~03:49 pm]
[How I Feel |hungryhungry]
[Music |Momentum - Ayu]

Hey Everyone! :D

I know...I know...I havent updated in a while. Its been hectic. But Ive got good news

My sisters Secret (ayu) Cd+Dvd came in..and she gave it to me ^_________^ for Christmas. IM so happy. On top of that. I got my Cherry Girl Cd+DVD and Cd today. AND, ive got all the Kuma figurines from Kuus new tour... FINALLY..except the wierd secret one haha. I dont want that one..its icky. Ive also bought Moonchild and A Moment to Remember. Both great movies.

Ive won some Icon contest recently lol. BoA ones..and a Kuu one..im happy. Im finally getting better.

Kuu/Ayu RantCollapse )
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